Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is Never Easy.

And so , everyone is getting crazy over Six Samurai JUST by looking at their effects...

So it's a busy day.
STOR arrived. I pulled the first booster box out of the box when it arrives signifiying the starting era of Six Samurais.

But here comes the important part. My phone starts ringing non-stop with messages and phone calls when I'm busy with the new boxes selling (the shop is already crowded) and packaging.
Every call/message is almost the same.

"Brother , Can help me find Kizan? Brother eh brother "

I'm now a little regret using the word brother with them at the first place.
So everyone watched Wong Fei Hung pulled the first Kizan of the day.

End up , I have to find 10+ Kizans for my "brothers". At a low price. Which is harder than selling vegetables at Gamers Arena.

Hmmm , but maybe...

(Kid walks into Gamers Arena)

Kid : Gor Gor , I want buy the three Polar GODS!!! Odin , Thor and Loki! They're so cool man!
Me : Sure. Why don't you buy a box? It's more worth.
Kid : Okay.
(Some strippings later)
Kid : WTH is this? *points at Kizan*
Me : Rubbish.
Kid : DAM!!!
Me : How bout I trade you polar stuffs for it , I'm being kind today. =)
Kid : Thanks!!!
Me : Welcome.

[The above dialog happens before involving Pot of Duality =X ]

Life is never easy.
I pick up orders non-stop while my 'extraordinary hardworking when Paul is around' colleague acts busy and bossy , instructing me to do things.

No wonder business so bad , this guy doesn't even know how to promote. I wonder how he survive. He has a very unique way in ordering food. Anyhow point at one and just eat whatever that arrives. Epic.

Opinions in Six Sams?
What the hell everyone is blogging about it?

Six sam is gonna die.
Either you hate them or join them.

I'm creating a ANTI-SIX SAM group soon.
Anyone interested to join?
You know why?
Because I don't want to walk around trying to snatch Kizans from kids with other peoples!
Believe me.
Six Sams will die.
I mean DIE.

Here comes another call.
Life really is never easy.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cest' la vie.

That's life.

In this simple gesture life game ,
What else can we seek for?

Fame? After scrubbing until your life can't get any sadder anymore , you finally won a champ title and getting everyone in this environment to know you like how Micheal or Wong Fei Hung consecutives topping did.
You were happy. You won some cash. But then?
You just get back to the same old dueling life.

Collections? After spending nuts and even selling your car to buy cards , you finally get a whole page of holographics or pot of dualitys or even rare cards.
You were satisfied. People shout vulgarities when they look at your album.
But then?
You now have a album full of CARDS and you are back to spending cash.

Hobby? Spending time?
After playing for a tournament for the whole Saturday and maybe scrubbing , you were satisfied.
But then?
You have just wasted one day where you can look for a job and earn money.
You go back home alone again staring at your deck.

How about me?
After playing for half a year , I'm now working as a judge and promoter , selling cards.
What do I seek for?
I have a diploma. Why this job?

It's all comes to one conclusion.


With all these friends , fellow duelists and the happiness and laughter we have shared.
We will never give up on this game.
Even how hard life is.
They are there to support you.
That's life.

No matter how many times you scrub in tourneys ,
No matter how expensive one stupid Pot is ,
That's life.

To all my fellow duelists , players and friends along my path of dueling ,
Thank you.
I really hope to get back and play again.

Life is really like an emo road.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life is like an emo road.

Credits to Paranoid for the above definition about life.

Things haven't been easy. For those who was asking why I was missing for the past few days , I was back at my hometown settling some of my stuffs.
Good news is I get to have some rest.
The bad part is I got CHEATED by a KID! DARN! He traded me his Pot of Duality for my 2 Scrap Beasts!

A confirmed explanation here on the 31st Malaysia Open. This competition is the 2nd Malaysia Open for this year and we allowed PROMOS due to the pre-selections include promos too.
But you can only use DT , PP , VJMP etc . Korean , TCG and TCG exclusives is NOT allowed.
Stated clearly already.

It is on this weekend dudes this SUNDAY! Come down and have fun!
Revenge of the Scrubbers.
Nice title by Andrew again. (BTW , Andrew's a Chinese mix , not Malay although he 99% looks like one)

As expected , I will probably be handling the tournament along with Karl I think. And I hope that things would run smoothly as this is my first big one since I join in the work.

And so , I don't want to see any betting tables there betting on Wong Fei Hung vs Andrew on a rate of 1 : 100.. No no no , I don't want to see any of these.. Although the outcomes seems promising... LOL.


I'm sort of wondering why everyone now is looking for me to buy cards and asking prices at Gamers Arena. You have Mr.KC here. The best worker in Malaysia. I'm just his kid trying to rub his shoes.

Mr.P wants me to all sorts of work which includes 'his'. Promoting stuffs and sales , learning and teaching card games , tournaments. What the hell he do then? Sit down there and play PSP?
( He plays Tag Force 5 and build a retarded Quickdraw Dandy deck with no Debris )

But Mr.P just expect too much from me due to me having a better education and better knowledge on this card game. I don't mind though. He treats me KFC today. =D


I've finally decided to rebuild my Machiners after taking a look at LimGQ's blog.
I still kept them actually just that I sold the staples away.
I don't really have the chance to enjoy dueling anymore.
But still , keeping this deck is one of my pride.
I don't care how they say Machiners is noob shit.
You won't know how much love you have gained towards it.

Enough of stupid ranting.
I think I should go to sleep and wake up early for work again.
Weekdays at Gamers Arena is boring.
Feel free to come and visit me.


Before that , what is the meaning of a good 'judge'?
Everyone can be one. Just go and get the test.
It's as easy as primary exams.
But does that make you get respected?

I'm only got acknowledged just because I'm working for the company.
I'm not really sure the duelists , players out there will know me or acknowledged me.
All they think is 'what is this newb kid acting like a judge doing here'...

I read on rulings everynight before I sleep.
I just want to give a better service.
You know why?
Go and see how improved other countries is...
We don't really have any official judge here until now...
Malaysia Boleh!

I hope everyone out there can give me support on my job and my duty as how much as I have sacrificed my passion for dueling.
And before my ending , here's a post quoted somewhere from Pojo.
I know you had read a very long post , but maybe you can finish it..


There really never has been nor ever will be a written test that will determine if someone is a good judge, that is something that is determined only by one's performance and attitude in the size event they most often judge at.

There are those who do quite well on a local level but buckle under the additional strain and stress of a major tournament. There are also those who do well at major events but don't realize that judging at locals takes a different and more nurturing attitude and should stay judging only major events.

Someone can also be a very good judge or less than desirable depending on what role they're assigned. Different roles require different skills. At major events the HJ is seldom the most knowledgable person on staff for RK but is often the best or one of the best when it comes to PM, leadership, and tournament and staff organization. The AHJ often "balances" the HJ and is often selected to do very well what the HJ may feel they need improvement on. The Floor Team Lead is often one of the strongest on staff in RK, the Paper Team Lead is often good under pressure and demostrates excellent hustle. The Deck Check Team Lead needs to be a good teacher, highly organized, and detail minded.

At regional or local events a "good judge" needs to have a nice mix of the traits detailed in above paragraph as they often wear many hats.

A "good judge" on the local level should be someone who is a good teacher, knows the local players, encourages and helps new players and to promote the game, and has a long term commitment to the game in their area.

I grow quite weary when I hear the people define a "good judge" only by their rules knowledge. Reasonable rules knowledge or more importantly understanding of the game mechanics is obviously important, however, so long as one uses their rescources only a reasonable understanding of the game is needed, more important are other admirable character traits. Give me someone with a great attitude, work ethic, and character traits and a good judge can be made in a year's time. I'll take that over someone who has great RK without the character and work ethic any day.


No one is ever perfect.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Recent Highlights #3

Recent Highlights + Random Post #3

Busy life plus emo-ness = lack of posts = sorry

1] I can't sleep in the middle of the night and decided to update this. I still have work to do tomorrow.

2] Malaysia Open Championship this 31st October. Halloween Tourney? LOL.
I'm eager to see all of you duelist on that day!

3] 90% on my Kuriboh Monarchs. Why am I still building decks? I don't know either.

4] Judge Program Test on Nov. Good luck to me.

5] I'm sick of buying cards that I don't even use anymore. Really have to quit spending like water.

6] What on earth I am working right now? I can't figure it out yet.

7] I officially hate my colleague right now. OBVIOUSLY , she thinks she is SMARTER than me. Typo for she. So please don't comment on my work where you don't even know how to read and pronounce my name correctly. He can't even differentiate "U" and "N". He needs Basic Maths too.

8] Gateway , Grandmasters going frenzy , people buying them non-stop. My advice , let the dudes test and play it out before you stupidly spend nuts on it.

9] I hate System Down.

10] Managing tournaments , events is not easy. You get different feedbacks. Learn and change.

11] I don't know which way I'm heading. Normal worker/promoter with below-average salary? or Mr. Head Judge with also a below-average salary? or future businessman still with a below-average salary?

12] Top decks in K.L Malaysia - Hero Beat and BlackFeathers , with both of these decks hitting a very high number of percentage of total deck distribution for recent tournaments.

13] Decided to post decklists for top decks like how Shriek did but I don't think I have the time and needs player's permission. Needs more discussing with this.

14] Next year's Asian Championship will be hosted by Malaysia. I hope we won't screw it up. Malaysia Boleh!

15] It has really been a journey for me in Yugioh life for the past half year. What I've been missing for the past month is the joy of dueling. I really miss it.

Need some sleep. Please link me to your blogs pal and I promise to link you back.
More updates toooo.

Praise the Lord!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recent Highlights #2

Recent Highlights + Random Post #2


2] Snowman Eater is reprinted along with E-Hero Flash in the coming Promo Pack on Nov. I repeat for those who do not believe me.

3] Misprint Ghibli's in Crow Pack is TRUE. Printed as 4 Stars instead of 3. Buying all of them!

4] I'm getting pissed off with my colleague. Now I know why he got so many complains. New World Record Set in Yugioh Industry!

5] More worth opening Rare cards in Yusei Pack 3 rather than Super/Ultras.

6] ME setting off to other places in Malaysia to organize tournaments by end of year!!! Penang , Kedah , Johor or wherever... Are youuuuu READY???

7] Tomorrow's tournament@Gamers Arena , will Wong Fei Hung's Light Beat top again?

8] Sirocco's and Vayu's price bouncing up again!

9] No new card sleeves for new Duelist Pack yet.. Maybe later?

10] Time to promote tournaments and this poor lonely blog...

Cookie@Gamers Arena.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent Highlights #1

Recent Highlight + Random Post #1

1] Starlight Road and Effect Veiler reprinted as Rare in DP10.

2] No Sirocco's and Vayu reprint.

3] All 4 Pre-Selections for Asia Championship Plus Top 8 Team Tourney is finally over. Grats to the winning team and thanks for the support.

4] Wong Fei Hung (Malaysian Duelist) keeps topping tourney after the new format begins with his Light Beat. He is now currently beaten once.

5] Snowman Eater along with some other JFC exclusives will be reprinted in the coming Promo Pack.

6] 4 more hours before off work but I'm already very sleepy now.

7] Last tourney, everyone is eager to get their TP15's and ripped it off in hopes of Pashuul.

8] A lot of players trying their luck on DREV's in hopes of Pot of Greedorisity popping out.

9] Everyone is starting to get excited on Lanista , but was dissapointed in the end. High hopes , high dissapointment.

10] Upcoming V-Jump edition seems promising.

Cookie@Gamers Arena.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Poor Snowman Doesn't Eats!


Snowman doesn't eats!
It's the thing under it that eats it!
Poor Snowman!!!!

And so , the main point im posting this is not crapping about Snowman.
But , I'm actually bored during work and I just found out that a lot players now main it after sorting out yesterday's team tourney's player's decklist.

I am now officially enrolled in Gamers Arena Sungai Wang given the duty in managing all events including big and small ones.
Organizing big events like Asia Qualifiers is definitely a challenge.
But still... the end of my dueling path?
I think I'll write a post about it if someone out there won't bother wasting time reading about it.

I think I should get back to work instead of slacking writing a random stupid post.
But let's get back to something that is related to my title...

Snowman Eater.
Will be reprinted very soon...

Believe it or not?

- Cookie -

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Asian Championship Plus and NEW Tournament Pack Spoiler.

I'll start the post with the NEW coming TP15.
Although the commons is abit crap.
Spoilers ahead!

Tournament Pack 15
2010 Volume 3

TP15-JP001 X-Saber Palomuro [Parallel Rare]
TP15-JP002 X-Saber Pashuul [Parallel Rare]
TP15-JP003 -Unconfirmed Yet-
TP15-JP004 Shien's Impersonator [Common]
TP15-JP005 Mystical Sheep 2 [Common]
TP15-JP006 Enchanting Mermaid [Common]
TP15-JP007 Monster Eye [Common]
TP15-JP008 Fusionist [Common]
TP15-JP009 Rare Fish [Common]
Tp15-JP010 Multiply [Common]
TP15-JP011 Silver Bow and Arrow [Common]
TP15-JP012 White Hole [Common]


I suggest no.003 should be Normal Rare as I can't see it after opened a few packs.
And now the coming official tourney.

Yugioh! 2010 Asian Championship Plus (Team Play) Malaysia Qualifiers

Date : November 21 , 2010 (Sunday)
Venue : Sungei Wang Plaza 6th Floor (next to Green Box)
Time : 10.00 a.m - 6.00 p.m
Age Limit : 10 years old and above only.

Registration Fee : FREE OF CHARGE*
*Each team has to bring any 10 Official Yugioh! Booster Packs packaging or 2 Yugioh! Structure Decks packaging for entry into tournament (proof of purchase)
( Will clarify/explain more on this later)

Tournament Details :

1 . Each Team must comprise of exactly 3 players.
2. The Team leader has to decide on a team name , member's position and ensure that decklist of members have been finalized prior to registration. Upon submission , no further changes can be made.
3. Each Team must share one Forbidden Card List , meaning cards with the same name must follow the rules of :
i) Limited card : 1 pcs or less per Team
ii) Semi-limited card : 2 pcs or less per Team
iii) Regular card : 3 pcs or less per Team
4. All competition will be in SINGLE ELIMINATION format.

Prizes :

1st Prize :
- Airticket & Accomodation to Hong Kong for Team of 3 Persons to participate in Hong Kong Yugioh! Finals on 12 December 2010
- Yugioh! Booster Packs x 30 Packs
- Yugioh! Play Mat x 3 Pcs
- Yugioh! Trophy

2nd Prize :
- Yugioh! Booster Packs x 15 Packs
- Yugioh! Play Mat x 3 Pcs
- Yugioh! Trophy

3rd Prize :
- Yugioh! Booster Packs x 9 Packs
- Yugioh! Card Box x 3 Pcs
- Yugioh! Trophy

4th Prize :
- Yugioh! Booster Packs x 3 Packs
- Yugioh! Card Box x 3 Pcs


I think that explains everything.
3 teams had already pre-selected for the top 8's for the tournament.
There is only 1 pre-selection tourney left.
Which team will make it?
Below is the results for the last tourney.


3rd Pre-Selection Malaysia Qualifiers Team Tourney 26/9/10

冠軍 Winner : Team Super Junior
隊長 Leader : Sam ( Black-Feathers )
隊員 Members : Alex ( Lightlords )
Karl Lim ( Perfect Declarer )

亞軍 Runner Up : Team 3 P.M
隊長 Leader : Teoh Zhen Pei ( Black-Feathers )
隊員 Members : Andrew Ng ( Quickdraw Dandy )
Wei Yan ( Lightlords )

2nd Runner Up : Team 只求一勝
Leader : Sean Cheong ( Black-Feathers )
Members : Lim Yu Wei ( Gigavis )
Siew Boon ( Jinzo OTK )

Due to some error by the noob judge , there is an error in the prize-giving and placing in the tourney.
But thankfully , the matter is solved.


I just want to keep this short.
I think I have found my way out.
But can i maintain my spirit here?
Will I give up easily?

Is this really what I want to do?

Walks of Life.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Do I Have A Choice?

In this game , who would ever give up dueling?

I'm not a collector.

But sometimes life has a lot of consequences..

Chances , decisions that you have to make...

And now I'm stuck between choosing something I wish to do or my future...

The answer should be plain enough but this is really hard...

Should I leave this game once and for all?

Or changing from a player to a career...


Along my path , this deck has brought me lots of fun and knowledge knowing this game..
I am still a newbie , partly playing only for a few months.
And with this new job , rulings would definitely a problem for me.
I will try my best though...

And after playing my so-called last tournament for the time...
I can finally feel that I can put down everything now.

Expect to see me in another form in locals.
As this may have its pros and cons too.
I suggest.

And this will be my deck I have played along my path of dueling.
It had brought me lots of fun , topped some tourneys and the days with me.
My one and only.

Decklist a.k.a Sept 2010 Format

Birdy Machiners
Total : 40

Monsters : 21

3 Antique Gear Gadjiltron Dragon
3 Machiner Gearframe
3 Machiner Fortress
2 Machiner Peacekeeper
2 Machiner Force
3 Cyber Dragon
2 Ally Genex Birdman
1 Genex Neutron
1 Scrap Recycler
1 Machine Emperor Grannel

Spells : 12

1 Pot of Greedorisity
3 Geartown
2 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Dark Hole
1 Monster Reborn
2 Double Cyclone
1 Giant Trunade
1 Cold Wave
1 Limiter Removal

Traps : 6

3 Royal Decree
1 Call of the Haunted
1 Torrential Tribute
1 Seven Tools of the Bandits

Birdman gives me access to Scrap Dragon , Ancient Fairy and Black Rose that utilizes Geartown.
Gives me a very aggressive playstyle.
And I'm still considering Wizel over Grannel there...


This is it.
The end of my path in dueling?
See you guys in locals.

- Cookie -

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Another Beginning.

Let's start off with the tag team tournament then had just ended yesterday.
I was acknowledged as a judge on that day and I hope that things went smoothly though.

Malaysia National Tag Team Tournament 29/8/2010
( Standard Banlist / Official Rules )

Things started on 12 o clock while there were still some players trying to fill up their decklist.
LOL at Andrew throwing away Kristya's and Starlight Roads at the last minute when I tell him NO PROMO la...

Total number of teams : 18

Single Elimination and then cut to 4 Rounds Swiss...
And then cut into Top 4 .

1st Place - Team Young Generation
Teck Jen - Lightlords
Wing Soon - Gladiator Beast
Wing Ken - Machiners ( Ancient Gear Variant )

2nd Place - Team Super Junior
Sam - Frogs
Alex - BF
Karl - Perfect Declarer

3rd Place - My Team
Micheal Yap - Frogs
Ivan - BF
Sung Lee - Gigavis


Pretty okay tournament as there were a VERY large amount of people on that day.
Want to walk around also hard.
And because of that...
I dropped my iPod Shuffle which was clipped on my shirt.

CURSE the person who took it to keep losing for the whole format.. i mean FOREVER!!!

I was so emo after losing it and could not concentrate on my duty as a judge.
But overall its still pretty okay.
A lot of unexpected results though...
Frogs is of course the majority...
And we will not be seeing them as much as we see them for now.
Ken use my Machiners in the tourney and WON! YEAH!

Karl will be hosting an EMO-tourney in prior to our Merdeka celebrations tomorrow.
The good part is , it will be the last day of this memorable format.
Kittys... HEAVY STORM! and Brain Controls.


I started playing Yugioh since from this format and I pretty like it along the months in it.
It was like the beginning of my dueling life here.
And it was reaching the end.
Should I continue in a new beginning?
I'm not pretty sure.
I had started to lost interest in it for no reason.


There are times we think about it for so long then you can't even sleep..
There are also times that we doesn't even want to bother about it...
Do we?

One of the motivations now to keep continuing is all the friends I had encountered along my journey here... I don't really had much friends here as I just moved in and along the way , all these duelist I met really make me like in a family...

I am an outgoing person.
Loves to fool around the most.
And most importantly I respect others a lot.
They had gave me and taught me about life.

In this game , It was not all about trading or dueling or whatever.
There are times we can learn something important from each other.


A little shoutout to all the duelist/friends I have met along my journey in this first format.
I appreciate the time we have together and the memorable moments.

Thanks to Zack for introducing me into this environment.
Karl for supporting me.
Paul , for entrusting me.
Wei Yan , one of my best pal.
And the duelist/friends I loved and had gave me a lot of good times ,
Micheal , LimGQ , HDLam , Nicholas , Ivan , Andrew , Soliel , Paul , Jimmy , Ah Gan , Ah Kei , Yun Kang , Jun Pak , Alpreme , Kenju ,Sean , Mun Keat , Wei Xuan , Teck Jen , Uncle Ken , Sam , Alex , Mango , Sung Lee , Shin Tat , Bao Liang , Khye , Rankiba , Hong ,Wei Xiang , and a few more to mention..
Sorry if I forget to write your name... ahaha...

Thank you for everything...
I love you guys.

Maybe it's time.
See you all soon.
I hope.

This is the end.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gamers Arena 28/8/2010 Tourney Report.

LOL at my stupid inactive blog.

Gamers Arena Tourney 28/8/2010.

Deck used : Birdy Machiners

5 Swiss Rounds.
Cut to Top 4.

1st Round - Sam ( Frog FTK ) XOO

D.D Crows + Karma Cut
Oppression FTW.

2nd Round - Richie ( Sporelords ) XOX

2 JD's = EMO.

3rd Round - Alex ( Perfect Declarer ) OO

No signs of Christia?

4th Round - Teh Zhen ( Lightlords )

He let me go up. Ahaha..

5th Round - Wei Xuan ( BF ) OO

Birdy into Black Rose!

Score : 4 - 1

Top 4 - Yee Che ( Pure Dragunity ) OO

The 4th , 5th and 6th need to left and so this guy got to top 4. LOL.
Gay Laevaetinn + Light and Darkness Dragon
But nerfed Aklys is still DEAD.

Finals - Sam ( Frog FTK.. AGAIN!) XX

Some miss timings thingy there.
But is too tired to notice.

Results : 2nd
Got a Scrap Twin Dragon.................
Sam then opened his 702 he won and give me an Arcanite Supreme Wizard..

Summary of the Day :

Mostly tournaments now is held by Karl as it is , and the prizes are average though.
Number of participants is increasing...
Team tourney tomorrow which I will not be joining.
Not that I don't have a team but..
I'm still in emo mood.

Black Holes trading is everywhere which is abit eye sore..
I guess...

This should be the end soon.
See ya.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Banlist Revealed?

Double post for the day.
But who cares?

Banned :

Rescue Cat
Heavy Storm
Brain Control


Black Whirlwind
Royal Oppression
Infernity Gun
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole


Mystical Space Typhoon
Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder


Black Rose Dragon
Goblin Zombie
Cyber Dragon
Treeborn Frog
United We Stand
Royal Decree

Should be true.
But still this list is stupid.
Are they ENCOURAGING people to play Dandywarriors?
Especially with the Drill Warrior reprint.

Black Rose and Dark Hole everywhere.
But still with the reprint of Starlight Roads.

If this list is true.
Konami do know how to make money.

Not much comment.
Judge it yourself.


Starlight Road.

Starlight Road will finally get it's place in almost everyone's deck as a staple.

They got reprinted in duelist pack just like that.

Heavy Storm?
Mirror Force?
Black Rose?

Look at his back row and think twice.
The meta is no longer the same.

And another big monster with one time negation is not good either.
Good luck again.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair Play and Cheating!

Don't tell me you never cheat before.

Of course , there are different kinds of players.
Some who educates fair play and some who CHEATS to win.
Let's see.

Today's tourney.
Instead on posting about the stupid coming banlist and the world championships...
I'll post something about cheating.

Case 1.

I solemned to stop one of his combos but he still have 2 Judgment Dragons after some milling.
I then opened Oppression but he use Lyla to destroy it.
He was going to scoop because he thought that he can't kill me with 2 JD's ( He thought that I am still at 8000 - forgetting that I had solemned)
Because he will gone deckout if he can't kill me.

But then ,
Out of nowhere ,
My honesty pops out.

I go and tell him I solemned.
I think it was because he use Honest a lot on me the match before.
Stupid thinking of me of wanting of a fair match.


Case 2.

After learning the lesson from the above case...

I act stupid on a rulings of a particular monster which I had forgot.
I even lied on the rulings of Call of Haunted because he is a newb.


Moral of story.

Definition of cheating.
Act stupid and shut up when opponent did something wrong which is against the rulings and brings great advantage to you.
Draw two cards during your draw phase. ( THIS IS EPIC)
And etc.
Think of it yourself.

But still I would like more to fair matches.
Especially , when I won due to wrong rulings.
I will always considered it as a loss.

This is human.
Simple enough.


Will you play fairly... or CHEAT! to win if you have the chance?
No offence.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

KFC Tourney.

KFC stands for Kepong Food Court.
This should be the last tourney ever held at here. And this is the only place at K.L to hit this high number of participants.
May the organizer have a pleasant journey onwards.

KFC Tourney.
- 8 August 2010 -

Participants : 42
Deck Distribution.

BF's - 11
Frog - 4 ( 1 Monarch variant , 3 Mass Driver/Synchro variant)
Lightlords - 2
Flamvell Cat - 2
Dragunity - 1
Machiner - 5
Plants - 4 (3 Dandywarrior , 1 Gigavis)
Final Countdown - 1
Infernity - 1
Anti-Meta - 5
Monarchs - 1
Random Decks - 5
( 2 Synchro , 1 Koaki Meiru ,1 Psychic ,1 Spellcasters)

Winner -
Sam Kee Kian Sim ( Frogs )
Alex Yeo ( BF )
( Both players didn't proceed to the finals and decided to share the prizes)
3rd Placing - Micheal Yap ( Frogs )
Top 8's
Wan Choon Teng a.k.a Mango ( Infernity )
Lim Guo Quan ( Flamvell Cat )
Wong Mun Keat ( BF )
Tan Sung Li ( Gigavis )
Sun Shin Tat ( Frogs )

Frogs with Mass Drivers totally dominate today's event.
Goodbye to them in the coming banlist.

A lots of top players around K.L had joined today's tourney and was quite a successful event.
Despite my sucky rulings , I still managed to judge properly for today's event.
I have to polish on my rulings... ALOT.

I cleared all my collections on this very day.
And it may be time to bid farewell soon.


Friday, August 6, 2010

This is not the end yet.

Who cares whether I quit or not...
But just to clarify to those whose asking about my quitting sales and etcs in the forum.
This is not the end yet.

What had motivate me to start this game in the first place had not bring this to an end yet.

In this world of dueling , there are a lot of different personalities which may lead to different reasons to quit this game.

I had never thought of getting this far.
Being known and knowing is actually a same thing.

With these support , I may continue with the same old me...


Haven't really tried Zombie World yet.

And Machine Wisel Infinity is one nice card.

Prepare to see it in decks as how you see how often Gorz and Trageodias are.
It's a dark dude.

I may splash it in my Machiners.
It's a Machine! with one star.
Discard with Fortress to special summon.

I promise someone to come out with better ideas to write about.
So maybe tomorrow?

I may be inactive in forums , bloggys for times.
U know , life is hectic enough.

But still,
You may catch the same old Cookie in locals.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Acid Rain and Zombie World.

Just when I started to get enough of System Downs...
There comes this non-cost normal spell card...

Acid Rain.
- Destroy all face-up Machine type monsters on the field.

Enough is enough.
If Konami is seriously bringing Machiner to the banlist when you can even side 6 cards that can rape it. I'm quitting for sure.

Instead of continuously scrubbing to these silly looking magic cards.
I should instead look for a way to prevent this.

I run Geartowns.
That means I can look for Field spells to set/activate to destroy Geartown to special summon Gadjiltron.

Zombie World.
- All monsters on the field and in any graveyard become Zombie-type monsters. Neither player can Tribute summon monsters , except Zombie -type monsters.

And I still can discard Machiner Force / Gadjiltron to special summon Fortress.
Kills Frog Monarchs TOO!!!
Plants is DEAD TOO!!!

System Down?
Acid Rain?


- Cookie -

Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been testing with different Machiners build for as long as I'd played.

Instead of the common gadgets with solidarity build.
Or royal decrees.
I played with Geartown variants and it had proven to be quite stable.

But still , too much of dead draws and inconsistency leads me to tweak the build from time to time.
And here should be some of the underused cards I had used and tried for as long as I can remember.

Scrap Recycler.
Mills Fortress when summon for easy Machiner Force/Gadjiltron Dragon revival.
Recycling back 2 Gearframes at times to draw one is kinda fun.

Discarding Fortress/Gadjiltron Dragons to destroy particular monsters is great.
I had killed lots of BF-Armor Masters with it. LOTS of them.

Dark Coffin.
Tornado of the Wastelands.
Double Cyclone.
Malevolent Catastrophes.
Did I mentioned I play Geartowns?

Ally Genex Birdman.
Tune with Gearframe into Black Rose with Geartown/Coffins on field.
Tune with Cyber Dragon into Scrap Dragon.
Target Geartown and target opponent's spell/trap.
Special summon Gadjiltron.

Deep Sea Diva.
For 8 stars synchro.
Stardust or Scrap Dragons.

Quick-Attack Scarecrow.
Better than Battle Fader as it is a Machine.
Drop it with Fortress to special summon Fortress.
Blocks OTK.
Can be recycled by Pot of Avarice.

Machiner Peacekeeper.
Pot of Duality.
Trap Stun.

Main weakness in Geartown variants.
Geartown got miss timing easily.
System down sucks.

I had NEVER play Gadgets and I will NEVER play Gadgets.
I had NEVER lost to Gadgets.

There is never a perfect build.
But there is what we called luck.


Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was normally known as Cookie in various sites and forums for years.
I started Yugioh around Feb this year , the time just before chinese new year.
It has been half a year since I joined , and I had already started to learn a lot.
And since I move out from my hometown ,
I can finally spend more time in dueling and started to know more about other players.

A lot of duelist had started blogging since then.
And back then , I used to view other blogs.
This includes Neuxcharge , DuelingDays and to my surprise , the end of the Gaijin Duelist.
but the return of Only the Duel brings me a lot of inspiration to learn more about dueling.
And also the fellow bloggers , HDLam and LimGQ... helps me to learn about the different meta and conditions in Msia.
There are still a lot to name.
You can easily find them.

And these true bloggers , had really brought inspiration to a lot of new-born yugi-bloggers now.
As you see , including me.

Fame is not what they were seeking for.
What they need to do , is just share a little piece of idea they have to the environment.
Sharing is caring. =)


I was always outgoing.
And was always considered CRAZY in dueling.
Ya , even in tournaments with LOTS of pressure around.
I love it.

But what really brought me to this level is all about respect.
People will respect you if you respect others.
Everyone was a newb once.
But who cares.

Different people have different attitudes and personalities.
So expect to see different things around.
Why care about others?

And actually , my title says it all.


Let's get back to it.

Being new in a card game was really tiring.
Especially when the card game was like 5 years+ old.
And with the rulings.
I would really rather play Pokemon.

Getting back to real life.

Fun playing with Soliel and Karl today.
A bit bored with my Machiners.
I had been playing with it like when i started?

I need MORE casual decks!!!!
Which means more spending. = (

But I will still stick with my Machiners in competitive dueling/tournaments etc.

Tried to use Sol's Dragunity/Cyberdark deck.
But i was too lazy to read on the new cards.
And so I pass it to Karl which he had a lot of interest in playing it.
Lots of options.
I can feel the fun just by watching it.

And since finally I have internet access at my workplace.
I can finally settle down and do my 'reading'.

And I do not need to wonder what my opponent is doing or asking the effect of a card.

Playing with different players can really help you.
Experience is important.

Learn to use cards , thinking for combos.
Read cards , hand advantages.
This is not only about a simple card game.


Hmm , and this would be my final post with lots of random rants about my life.
Would be updating daily with random ideas and thoughts about Yugioh.
Rather write about my life in my personal blog.

Who wants to know about my activities when they were busy with theirs?
But still.

Tourney reports maybe.

Links to other worth reading blogs too.

Do not hesitate to find me in locals.
I would be friendly enough to duel you.

Till then.

- Cookie -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Froggy Monarchs #3

Let's start with a random decklist.

Micheal Yap Wei Keong
2010 Malaysia National Champion
World Qualifiers

Main Deck : 41

Monsters : 23

3 x Swap Frog
3 x Dupe Frog
2 x Treeborn Frog
2 x Ronintoadin
2 x Substitoad
2 x Flip Flog Frog
2 x Mobius the Frost Monarch
2 x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
2 x Raiza the Storm Monarch
3 x Caius the Shadow Monarch

Spells : 10

3 x Book of Moon
1 x Heavy Storm
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Giant Trunade
1 x Brain Control
2 x Pot of Avarice
1 x One for One

Traps : 8

2 x Compulsary Evacuation Device
3 x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
1 x Mind Crush
1 x Mirror Force
1 x Torrential Tribute

Side Deck : 15

3 x Battle Fader
2 x Threatening Roar
3 x System Down

Sorry for the side deck list.
Micheal didn't gave me the full list yet.
Will update it back up very soon.
Finally got his permission to post and LOOK at his deck properly.

Not gonna do reviews/discussions or whatever about it.
I hate frogs.
Going to eat frog porridge later.

Micheal's deck has some changes now.
He removed 2 Compulsary Evacuation Devices and 1 Mobius for
Soul Exchanges and Ruthless Denials.
Hand stripping is gay.

Had been slacking for the whole past week.
Starstrike Blast sucks.

Had been adjusting my deck to kill Frogs lately.
And finally I did it.
Beat Micheal at today's Trishula Tourney.

But i lost to Blackwings.
Score 3-2 in swiss.
Reason I Lost.
STUPID Starlight Roads.
Really gonna strip them apart.

Should i go back to aggressive build or just stick with my control build now.

Spend a lot on cards.
Very stressful and moody day.
Didn't really want to join the tourney.

Should end my post here.
Too much happenings already for the past week.
Before that.

Frog the Stripper Deck!

3 x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
3 x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
3 x Ruthless Denial
1 x Mind Crush
1 x Trap Dustshoot
3 x Drastic Drop Off
3 x Hand Destruction
1 x Card Destruction

Add in Morphing Jar for more fun.


2 turns later.

Opponent : WHAT THE HELL!!!

Fun stuff.

- Cookie -

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


*Laughs at title*

What if suddenly , you finally met the partner of your life...
The person that you finally believe that will bring you happiness...
Or let's just make it simple.
Your girlfriend.

And I believe that this question had sometimes been bothering some duelist out there.
What if your girlfriend doesn't approve you of playing or spending in this weird so-called childish card game?

Girls are unpredictable.
I've met a lot of players since I joined and I have seen a lot.

Some have to quit because their girlfriend hates it.
Some sell all their cards because they need to spend on their girlfriend.
Some of their girls' didn't mind at all.
Some even joined them in playing yugioh!
Some doesn't even bother to find one.

For some , yugioh life was like their another identity.
You separate it from your real life.
Scared of being laughed by you friends of playing a silly card game.
True enough?

But still.
In the heart of all duelist.
Yugioh is not a silly , childish card game.
It requires skill.
It requires LOTS of thinking.
And of course , it requires money.

And so , playing Yugioh is not really a thing that you should hide from.
The reason I'm saying this is because some really did so.
There is no wrong playing card games.
We do spend a lot. I mean real lot.
But it was just the same as how the girls spend on cosmetics.

Being a part of this environment is really something worthwhile.
Who knows what will happen in this game?

This is really a random post.
But at least It's still something related to.

Okay , I'll write something that's really related.

Building a deck revolving Diamond Dude and Ally Genex Crushers.
Oh god , prays that D-Draw will at least got semi-limit.
I love under-used decks.
Net-decking is shit.

And so ,
before I end my post.
One last question ,

Do you have a girlfriend? =X


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Froggy Monarchs #2


Whole day at Sg.Wang on Saturday.
Didn't join locals.
I have a 35 card deck.

Decided to sold off my extra staples and playsets.
I don't think I need them when I decided to only have a deck to play.
Sold all my bottomless , d.prisons cheap.
Kristya playset gone.

Met Hong.
An awesome blogger which can be found here.
Showing him around and discussed about cards prices differences.
He then left to went shopping with his 'friend'.

Trishula Tournament.
FIRST one in K.L?

Participants : 18

Deck Distribution.

4 Blackwings.
2 Machiners.
2 Dandywarrior.
3 Froggy Monarch.
1 Gladiator Beast.
2 Lightlords.
1 Koaki Meiru
1 Scrap
2 Dragons.

Courtesy of Cookie.

Awesome varieties of deck.
Froggy Monarch won.

Common players / bloggers / forumers spotted on the venue.

Micheal , Karl , Zack.
Dragonlord , WeiXuan , TeckJen.
Uncle Ken , Team Arcobaleno Sun Tat , Andrew.

Dragonlord is not taking photos on the day.

Froggy Monarchs.
Different variants.
Sun Tat's build.
Battle Fader.
Soul Exchange.

Andrew's build.
Light and Darkness Dragon.
Dark Dust Spirit.
Battle Fader.

Micheal's build.
None of the above cards.

Mirror Match between Micheal and Sun Tat.
Love it.
Frog biting frogs.
Soul Exchange proves useful.

I scrubbed badly to Froggy Monarchs.
Kept meeting them.

The guy who won with Froggy Monarch that day.
His hand was shaking like there's an earthquake around during the finals.

Dragunity was starting to rise in play now.
What will happen to the meta now?

Question of the day.
How to counter Frog Monarchs?

" Outgame it la! "

Talk is easy.
Try it.

Need to rest.
Analysis on Froggy Monarch variants soon.

Winner of the Most Creative Deck for the day.

Geartown + Dark Coffin + Wasteland of Tornados
with Malevolent Catastrophes.

Clearing my cards soon.

Who doesn't want money?

Bought a playmat!
Another great friend and duelist has left us.
He sold me his playmat and I promise to bring it to the top.
You will be remembered , Wui Chun aka Ah Kei.

Stay tuned for a special post for tomorrow.
A fact or question that have in the heart of every duelist.

- Cookie -

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Froggy Monarchs

Decided to travel to Sg.Wang after finishing stuffs despite of boredom.
Didn't really expect anyone there.

Met Micheal , The National Champion there.
Oh well , he keep saying "I'm Champion leh"
Lol , he sure is happy.
He also complained on the "ojisan" joke. Ahaha.
Went for lunch with Paul and Micheal.
Paul stated there is a Tag Team Tournament soon in Malaysia.
Wow. Asian Championship next year to be held in Malaysia.
What else?
My meal was delicous!

Karl arrived.
Watched Karl's (Dandywarrior) dueling Micheal's Froggy Monarch.
The only chance Karl manage to deliver damage was using Drill Warrior.
Or he don't even can , when Micheal build the Great Wall of Dupe Frogs.
Or either OTK , at a chance.

The same applys to me.
It was hard trying to clear the field while he keep controlling my hand with cards like Spiritual Water Art - Aoi , and Mind Crush.

Key card?
Swap Frog.
Starts the frog milling combo.
And returning monarchs for reusing.

Frogs are irritating enough.
Spiritual Water Art - Aoi?

There are times I was left with one hand card against his 7 hand cards.
My best moment for the day.

Managed to clear his Dupe Froggies.
Activate effect. WHAT?
Search for MORE frogs.

Side deck.
D.D Crow is useless against it.
He can either use Treeborns or Ronintoads.
Soul Release serves a better purpose.
Dimensional Fissure?
King Tiger Wanghu!?

No Soul Exchange seen in Micheal's deck.
No Dark Dust Spirit.
No Battle Faders.
Looking forward to Froggy Monarch's Mirror Matches.
1 hour per game?

Interesting meta since I join.

What to side now?

More interesting stuffs.

BF players siding Fissure to take care of Holy Lights.
Enough of System Downs , now there is Magnetic Mosquito for Machiners.
Oh my god , where is my Crevices?

Boring day.
Time to look for work.
Any recommendation?
Life is all about working.

Thanks to Micheal for fetching me home.
Nice guy if you ever know him.
I bet.

Time to sign off.
Before that.

Recent favorite side deck :
Return from the Different Dimension.
System Down? AHA!
Just for fun.


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogging Life.

Blogging life is sometimes boring.
But may get interesting if you have awesome ideas to share.

Despite my lonely personal blog.
Blogging about yugioh stuffs may seems interesting.

I may be new in dueling.
But I have enough experiences to keep you entertain while dueling with me.
I love how the community is since I join.

I meet lots of friends.
And after moving to this new environment.
It may be easier for me to have better opportunities.

I love viewing other player's blog.
They influenced a lot of duelist out there.
They never hesitate.

Will I succeed in maintaining it?
I don't know.

And so , will probably post my experiences in yugioh starting from now on here.
Hope to meet lots of players out there.
More duels , more fun for me.

Here I Come.