Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cest' la vie.

That's life.

In this simple gesture life game ,
What else can we seek for?

Fame? After scrubbing until your life can't get any sadder anymore , you finally won a champ title and getting everyone in this environment to know you like how Micheal or Wong Fei Hung consecutives topping did.
You were happy. You won some cash. But then?
You just get back to the same old dueling life.

Collections? After spending nuts and even selling your car to buy cards , you finally get a whole page of holographics or pot of dualitys or even rare cards.
You were satisfied. People shout vulgarities when they look at your album.
But then?
You now have a album full of CARDS and you are back to spending cash.

Hobby? Spending time?
After playing for a tournament for the whole Saturday and maybe scrubbing , you were satisfied.
But then?
You have just wasted one day where you can look for a job and earn money.
You go back home alone again staring at your deck.

How about me?
After playing for half a year , I'm now working as a judge and promoter , selling cards.
What do I seek for?
I have a diploma. Why this job?

It's all comes to one conclusion.


With all these friends , fellow duelists and the happiness and laughter we have shared.
We will never give up on this game.
Even how hard life is.
They are there to support you.
That's life.

No matter how many times you scrub in tourneys ,
No matter how expensive one stupid Pot is ,
That's life.

To all my fellow duelists , players and friends along my path of dueling ,
Thank you.
I really hope to get back and play again.

Life is really like an emo road.

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