Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blogging Life.

Blogging life is sometimes boring.
But may get interesting if you have awesome ideas to share.

Despite my lonely personal blog.
Blogging about yugioh stuffs may seems interesting.

I may be new in dueling.
But I have enough experiences to keep you entertain while dueling with me.
I love how the community is since I join.

I meet lots of friends.
And after moving to this new environment.
It may be easier for me to have better opportunities.

I love viewing other player's blog.
They influenced a lot of duelist out there.
They never hesitate.

Will I succeed in maintaining it?
I don't know.

And so , will probably post my experiences in yugioh starting from now on here.
Hope to meet lots of players out there.
More duels , more fun for me.

Here I Come.