Monday, August 30, 2010

The Another Beginning.

Let's start off with the tag team tournament then had just ended yesterday.
I was acknowledged as a judge on that day and I hope that things went smoothly though.

Malaysia National Tag Team Tournament 29/8/2010
( Standard Banlist / Official Rules )

Things started on 12 o clock while there were still some players trying to fill up their decklist.
LOL at Andrew throwing away Kristya's and Starlight Roads at the last minute when I tell him NO PROMO la...

Total number of teams : 18

Single Elimination and then cut to 4 Rounds Swiss...
And then cut into Top 4 .

1st Place - Team Young Generation
Teck Jen - Lightlords
Wing Soon - Gladiator Beast
Wing Ken - Machiners ( Ancient Gear Variant )

2nd Place - Team Super Junior
Sam - Frogs
Alex - BF
Karl - Perfect Declarer

3rd Place - My Team
Micheal Yap - Frogs
Ivan - BF
Sung Lee - Gigavis


Pretty okay tournament as there were a VERY large amount of people on that day.
Want to walk around also hard.
And because of that...
I dropped my iPod Shuffle which was clipped on my shirt.

CURSE the person who took it to keep losing for the whole format.. i mean FOREVER!!!

I was so emo after losing it and could not concentrate on my duty as a judge.
But overall its still pretty okay.
A lot of unexpected results though...
Frogs is of course the majority...
And we will not be seeing them as much as we see them for now.
Ken use my Machiners in the tourney and WON! YEAH!

Karl will be hosting an EMO-tourney in prior to our Merdeka celebrations tomorrow.
The good part is , it will be the last day of this memorable format.
Kittys... HEAVY STORM! and Brain Controls.


I started playing Yugioh since from this format and I pretty like it along the months in it.
It was like the beginning of my dueling life here.
And it was reaching the end.
Should I continue in a new beginning?
I'm not pretty sure.
I had started to lost interest in it for no reason.


There are times we think about it for so long then you can't even sleep..
There are also times that we doesn't even want to bother about it...
Do we?

One of the motivations now to keep continuing is all the friends I had encountered along my journey here... I don't really had much friends here as I just moved in and along the way , all these duelist I met really make me like in a family...

I am an outgoing person.
Loves to fool around the most.
And most importantly I respect others a lot.
They had gave me and taught me about life.

In this game , It was not all about trading or dueling or whatever.
There are times we can learn something important from each other.


A little shoutout to all the duelist/friends I have met along my journey in this first format.
I appreciate the time we have together and the memorable moments.

Thanks to Zack for introducing me into this environment.
Karl for supporting me.
Paul , for entrusting me.
Wei Yan , one of my best pal.
And the duelist/friends I loved and had gave me a lot of good times ,
Micheal , LimGQ , HDLam , Nicholas , Ivan , Andrew , Soliel , Paul , Jimmy , Ah Gan , Ah Kei , Yun Kang , Jun Pak , Alpreme , Kenju ,Sean , Mun Keat , Wei Xuan , Teck Jen , Uncle Ken , Sam , Alex , Mango , Sung Lee , Shin Tat , Bao Liang , Khye , Rankiba , Hong ,Wei Xiang , and a few more to mention..
Sorry if I forget to write your name... ahaha...

Thank you for everything...
I love you guys.

Maybe it's time.
See you all soon.
I hope.

This is the end.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gamers Arena 28/8/2010 Tourney Report.

LOL at my stupid inactive blog.

Gamers Arena Tourney 28/8/2010.

Deck used : Birdy Machiners

5 Swiss Rounds.
Cut to Top 4.

1st Round - Sam ( Frog FTK ) XOO

D.D Crows + Karma Cut
Oppression FTW.

2nd Round - Richie ( Sporelords ) XOX

2 JD's = EMO.

3rd Round - Alex ( Perfect Declarer ) OO

No signs of Christia?

4th Round - Teh Zhen ( Lightlords )

He let me go up. Ahaha..

5th Round - Wei Xuan ( BF ) OO

Birdy into Black Rose!

Score : 4 - 1

Top 4 - Yee Che ( Pure Dragunity ) OO

The 4th , 5th and 6th need to left and so this guy got to top 4. LOL.
Gay Laevaetinn + Light and Darkness Dragon
But nerfed Aklys is still DEAD.

Finals - Sam ( Frog FTK.. AGAIN!) XX

Some miss timings thingy there.
But is too tired to notice.

Results : 2nd
Got a Scrap Twin Dragon.................
Sam then opened his 702 he won and give me an Arcanite Supreme Wizard..

Summary of the Day :

Mostly tournaments now is held by Karl as it is , and the prizes are average though.
Number of participants is increasing...
Team tourney tomorrow which I will not be joining.
Not that I don't have a team but..
I'm still in emo mood.

Black Holes trading is everywhere which is abit eye sore..
I guess...

This should be the end soon.
See ya.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Banlist Revealed?

Double post for the day.
But who cares?

Banned :

Rescue Cat
Heavy Storm
Brain Control


Black Whirlwind
Royal Oppression
Infernity Gun
Monster Reborn
Dark Hole


Mystical Space Typhoon
Chaos Sorcerer
Snipe Hunter
Ojama Trio
Magic Cylinder


Black Rose Dragon
Goblin Zombie
Cyber Dragon
Treeborn Frog
United We Stand
Royal Decree

Should be true.
But still this list is stupid.
Are they ENCOURAGING people to play Dandywarriors?
Especially with the Drill Warrior reprint.

Black Rose and Dark Hole everywhere.
But still with the reprint of Starlight Roads.

If this list is true.
Konami do know how to make money.

Not much comment.
Judge it yourself.


Starlight Road.

Starlight Road will finally get it's place in almost everyone's deck as a staple.

They got reprinted in duelist pack just like that.

Heavy Storm?
Mirror Force?
Black Rose?

Look at his back row and think twice.
The meta is no longer the same.

And another big monster with one time negation is not good either.
Good luck again.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fair Play and Cheating!

Don't tell me you never cheat before.

Of course , there are different kinds of players.
Some who educates fair play and some who CHEATS to win.
Let's see.

Today's tourney.
Instead on posting about the stupid coming banlist and the world championships...
I'll post something about cheating.

Case 1.

I solemned to stop one of his combos but he still have 2 Judgment Dragons after some milling.
I then opened Oppression but he use Lyla to destroy it.
He was going to scoop because he thought that he can't kill me with 2 JD's ( He thought that I am still at 8000 - forgetting that I had solemned)
Because he will gone deckout if he can't kill me.

But then ,
Out of nowhere ,
My honesty pops out.

I go and tell him I solemned.
I think it was because he use Honest a lot on me the match before.
Stupid thinking of me of wanting of a fair match.


Case 2.

After learning the lesson from the above case...

I act stupid on a rulings of a particular monster which I had forgot.
I even lied on the rulings of Call of Haunted because he is a newb.


Moral of story.

Definition of cheating.
Act stupid and shut up when opponent did something wrong which is against the rulings and brings great advantage to you.
Draw two cards during your draw phase. ( THIS IS EPIC)
And etc.
Think of it yourself.

But still I would like more to fair matches.
Especially , when I won due to wrong rulings.
I will always considered it as a loss.

This is human.
Simple enough.


Will you play fairly... or CHEAT! to win if you have the chance?
No offence.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

KFC Tourney.

KFC stands for Kepong Food Court.
This should be the last tourney ever held at here. And this is the only place at K.L to hit this high number of participants.
May the organizer have a pleasant journey onwards.

KFC Tourney.
- 8 August 2010 -

Participants : 42
Deck Distribution.

BF's - 11
Frog - 4 ( 1 Monarch variant , 3 Mass Driver/Synchro variant)
Lightlords - 2
Flamvell Cat - 2
Dragunity - 1
Machiner - 5
Plants - 4 (3 Dandywarrior , 1 Gigavis)
Final Countdown - 1
Infernity - 1
Anti-Meta - 5
Monarchs - 1
Random Decks - 5
( 2 Synchro , 1 Koaki Meiru ,1 Psychic ,1 Spellcasters)

Winner -
Sam Kee Kian Sim ( Frogs )
Alex Yeo ( BF )
( Both players didn't proceed to the finals and decided to share the prizes)
3rd Placing - Micheal Yap ( Frogs )
Top 8's
Wan Choon Teng a.k.a Mango ( Infernity )
Lim Guo Quan ( Flamvell Cat )
Wong Mun Keat ( BF )
Tan Sung Li ( Gigavis )
Sun Shin Tat ( Frogs )

Frogs with Mass Drivers totally dominate today's event.
Goodbye to them in the coming banlist.

A lots of top players around K.L had joined today's tourney and was quite a successful event.
Despite my sucky rulings , I still managed to judge properly for today's event.
I have to polish on my rulings... ALOT.

I cleared all my collections on this very day.
And it may be time to bid farewell soon.


Friday, August 6, 2010

This is not the end yet.

Who cares whether I quit or not...
But just to clarify to those whose asking about my quitting sales and etcs in the forum.
This is not the end yet.

What had motivate me to start this game in the first place had not bring this to an end yet.

In this world of dueling , there are a lot of different personalities which may lead to different reasons to quit this game.

I had never thought of getting this far.
Being known and knowing is actually a same thing.

With these support , I may continue with the same old me...


Haven't really tried Zombie World yet.

And Machine Wisel Infinity is one nice card.

Prepare to see it in decks as how you see how often Gorz and Trageodias are.
It's a dark dude.

I may splash it in my Machiners.
It's a Machine! with one star.
Discard with Fortress to special summon.

I promise someone to come out with better ideas to write about.
So maybe tomorrow?

I may be inactive in forums , bloggys for times.
U know , life is hectic enough.

But still,
You may catch the same old Cookie in locals.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Acid Rain and Zombie World.

Just when I started to get enough of System Downs...
There comes this non-cost normal spell card...

Acid Rain.
- Destroy all face-up Machine type monsters on the field.

Enough is enough.
If Konami is seriously bringing Machiner to the banlist when you can even side 6 cards that can rape it. I'm quitting for sure.

Instead of continuously scrubbing to these silly looking magic cards.
I should instead look for a way to prevent this.

I run Geartowns.
That means I can look for Field spells to set/activate to destroy Geartown to special summon Gadjiltron.

Zombie World.
- All monsters on the field and in any graveyard become Zombie-type monsters. Neither player can Tribute summon monsters , except Zombie -type monsters.

And I still can discard Machiner Force / Gadjiltron to special summon Fortress.
Kills Frog Monarchs TOO!!!
Plants is DEAD TOO!!!

System Down?
Acid Rain?


- Cookie -