Saturday, January 7, 2012

It's Just Another Day.

Malaysian bloggers nowadays is soooo little and so not welcoming anymore as last time especially Rauzes/Only The Duel era. Though i think I should blog actively again after abandoning this poor blog for some time as I have found myself actively involving in the game again~

Hope you guys can link me for those who know me , ahah well guess not much people know my bloggie...

No person can really derived on how the meta is it now , or what deck really dominates...?
Inzectors? They still scrubs bro.
Wind-Ups? They also scrubs bro.

Partly , Gold Series 2012 arrives few days after New Year , Zenmaine is Common and its now everywhere. OMG. I dunno how to express this card.
What happened today.
Dude : OVERLAY!!!!!! Wind-UP Zenmaine!!!! ROFL , you got 2 set , attack me and i boom ur backrow~ tralala...
Me : Chain Phoenix Wing Wind Blast.

Alot is shifting to Vanguard , as what I can really see , I know a lot players around here , and I can started to realise that everyone is getting tired of Yugioh.
Konami release Inzectors and it got all the hype of it , and the only thing can do is banlist...?
The game started to depends too much on new stuffs that makes this game abit out-tracked in my opinion.
Though we still go and play the game every weekends , because we have all these friends beside us playing together...

Ranking Tourney 7th Jan 2012 [ Gamers Arena ]
Deck Used : Offering Machina Gadgets
[ Rai-Oh.... WHY I MEET YOU AGAIN....!!!??? ]

Top 16
Shi Yan [ Dark World ] 2-0
Meet this dude everytime i play ranking tourneys luhsss...
He too obvious play la , I killed his Sangan and he search for Morphing Jar , then set everything.
Heavy Storm and then control from there...

Top 8
Agent Heralds 2-0
First turn nearly mistake , but i Veilered him correctly and he cannot do anything.
Second round he get Herald out early and Hyperion , i played defensely for sometime , get rid of his hand cards with some baits , managed to get out Scrap Dragon and cleared his Herald.
He get my Scrap Dragon away and get another Herald out but with no hands.
Somehow i get Thought Ruler Archfiend out and control till the end with its imba life absorb effect!!! MVP!

Top 4
Hero Beat 2- 0
Wanghu FIRST TURN..........
Somehow the thing I like playing Machinas is here =] , Summon Gearframe search and whack.
He get Raioh out and somehow I get rid of it and Offering here i GO.
Second round , he make too obvious plays , Pot of Duality for Gemini Spark. Summon Alius trying to bait my Bottomless which I accidently revealed. I let him go through my Gadget and I Dust Tornado the spark at the end turn and set Offering with Dust's effect and swarm everything next turn. He had Gorz and again Machina Fortress went over it. =]

Andrew [ Rabbit Lagia ] 2-1
My imba teammate , mains Wanghu and Raioh which is so out of my favor.
Raioh the first turn again , and after some experiences losing to Mr.Izzat weeks ago with the same stupid Raioh , i somehow knew how to play around it , getting rid of it and he get another one out. Whacked to death...
Quite forget what happened , but he keep getting Raioh out ... SIEN , somehow he got greedy , and summon Rabbit , i acted for a while , then Veilered it. GG.
MVP card come out again. Thought Ruler Archfiend!!! He got soooo many D-Prisons , etc. I whack and whack and he cannot do much. LOL.
Somehow Rabbit is easier to get rid compared to Raioh. DUH.

Result : First.
Just a normal ranking tournament and my third win using this deck. Somehow my sleeves bring me luck. I think I'm the only one with it. To those who is wondering , it's just another card on the back with a clear sleeves. Changing characters every week. ^^

Lesson of the Day : When someone say something shit about your deck , just top with it. =]

Somehow , I found out that It's not that inspiring anymore with my blog posts after typing out this far , my only motivations to move on in this game is just my friends here...

It's somehow true ,
when you started this , it's gets kinda hard to end it right?
I went out , played and won . Enjoyed , Laughed , Learned.

I went home late at night , reminiscing everything in this blog post and still it's just another day.