Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life is like an emo road.

Credits to Paranoid for the above definition about life.

Things haven't been easy. For those who was asking why I was missing for the past few days , I was back at my hometown settling some of my stuffs.
Good news is I get to have some rest.
The bad part is I got CHEATED by a KID! DARN! He traded me his Pot of Duality for my 2 Scrap Beasts!

A confirmed explanation here on the 31st Malaysia Open. This competition is the 2nd Malaysia Open for this year and we allowed PROMOS due to the pre-selections include promos too.
But you can only use DT , PP , VJMP etc . Korean , TCG and TCG exclusives is NOT allowed.
Stated clearly already.

It is on this weekend dudes this SUNDAY! Come down and have fun!
Revenge of the Scrubbers.
Nice title by Andrew again. (BTW , Andrew's a Chinese mix , not Malay although he 99% looks like one)

As expected , I will probably be handling the tournament along with Karl I think. And I hope that things would run smoothly as this is my first big one since I join in the work.

And so , I don't want to see any betting tables there betting on Wong Fei Hung vs Andrew on a rate of 1 : 100.. No no no , I don't want to see any of these.. Although the outcomes seems promising... LOL.


I'm sort of wondering why everyone now is looking for me to buy cards and asking prices at Gamers Arena. You have Mr.KC here. The best worker in Malaysia. I'm just his kid trying to rub his shoes.

Mr.P wants me to all sorts of work which includes 'his'. Promoting stuffs and sales , learning and teaching card games , tournaments. What the hell he do then? Sit down there and play PSP?
( He plays Tag Force 5 and build a retarded Quickdraw Dandy deck with no Debris )

But Mr.P just expect too much from me due to me having a better education and better knowledge on this card game. I don't mind though. He treats me KFC today. =D


I've finally decided to rebuild my Machiners after taking a look at LimGQ's blog.
I still kept them actually just that I sold the staples away.
I don't really have the chance to enjoy dueling anymore.
But still , keeping this deck is one of my pride.
I don't care how they say Machiners is noob shit.
You won't know how much love you have gained towards it.

Enough of stupid ranting.
I think I should go to sleep and wake up early for work again.
Weekdays at Gamers Arena is boring.
Feel free to come and visit me.


Before that , what is the meaning of a good 'judge'?
Everyone can be one. Just go and get the test.
It's as easy as primary exams.
But does that make you get respected?

I'm only got acknowledged just because I'm working for the company.
I'm not really sure the duelists , players out there will know me or acknowledged me.
All they think is 'what is this newb kid acting like a judge doing here'...

I read on rulings everynight before I sleep.
I just want to give a better service.
You know why?
Go and see how improved other countries is...
We don't really have any official judge here until now...
Malaysia Boleh!

I hope everyone out there can give me support on my job and my duty as how much as I have sacrificed my passion for dueling.
And before my ending , here's a post quoted somewhere from Pojo.
I know you had read a very long post , but maybe you can finish it..


There really never has been nor ever will be a written test that will determine if someone is a good judge, that is something that is determined only by one's performance and attitude in the size event they most often judge at.

There are those who do quite well on a local level but buckle under the additional strain and stress of a major tournament. There are also those who do well at major events but don't realize that judging at locals takes a different and more nurturing attitude and should stay judging only major events.

Someone can also be a very good judge or less than desirable depending on what role they're assigned. Different roles require different skills. At major events the HJ is seldom the most knowledgable person on staff for RK but is often the best or one of the best when it comes to PM, leadership, and tournament and staff organization. The AHJ often "balances" the HJ and is often selected to do very well what the HJ may feel they need improvement on. The Floor Team Lead is often one of the strongest on staff in RK, the Paper Team Lead is often good under pressure and demostrates excellent hustle. The Deck Check Team Lead needs to be a good teacher, highly organized, and detail minded.

At regional or local events a "good judge" needs to have a nice mix of the traits detailed in above paragraph as they often wear many hats.

A "good judge" on the local level should be someone who is a good teacher, knows the local players, encourages and helps new players and to promote the game, and has a long term commitment to the game in their area.

I grow quite weary when I hear the people define a "good judge" only by their rules knowledge. Reasonable rules knowledge or more importantly understanding of the game mechanics is obviously important, however, so long as one uses their rescources only a reasonable understanding of the game is needed, more important are other admirable character traits. Give me someone with a great attitude, work ethic, and character traits and a good judge can be made in a year's time. I'll take that over someone who has great RK without the character and work ethic any day.


No one is ever perfect.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Recent Highlights #3

Recent Highlights + Random Post #3

Busy life plus emo-ness = lack of posts = sorry

1] I can't sleep in the middle of the night and decided to update this. I still have work to do tomorrow.

2] Malaysia Open Championship this 31st October. Halloween Tourney? LOL.
I'm eager to see all of you duelist on that day!

3] 90% on my Kuriboh Monarchs. Why am I still building decks? I don't know either.

4] Judge Program Test on Nov. Good luck to me.

5] I'm sick of buying cards that I don't even use anymore. Really have to quit spending like water.

6] What on earth I am working right now? I can't figure it out yet.

7] I officially hate my colleague right now. OBVIOUSLY , she thinks she is SMARTER than me. Typo for she. So please don't comment on my work where you don't even know how to read and pronounce my name correctly. He can't even differentiate "U" and "N". He needs Basic Maths too.

8] Gateway , Grandmasters going frenzy , people buying them non-stop. My advice , let the dudes test and play it out before you stupidly spend nuts on it.

9] I hate System Down.

10] Managing tournaments , events is not easy. You get different feedbacks. Learn and change.

11] I don't know which way I'm heading. Normal worker/promoter with below-average salary? or Mr. Head Judge with also a below-average salary? or future businessman still with a below-average salary?

12] Top decks in K.L Malaysia - Hero Beat and BlackFeathers , with both of these decks hitting a very high number of percentage of total deck distribution for recent tournaments.

13] Decided to post decklists for top decks like how Shriek did but I don't think I have the time and needs player's permission. Needs more discussing with this.

14] Next year's Asian Championship will be hosted by Malaysia. I hope we won't screw it up. Malaysia Boleh!

15] It has really been a journey for me in Yugioh life for the past half year. What I've been missing for the past month is the joy of dueling. I really miss it.

Need some sleep. Please link me to your blogs pal and I promise to link you back.
More updates toooo.

Praise the Lord!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Recent Highlights #2

Recent Highlights + Random Post #2


2] Snowman Eater is reprinted along with E-Hero Flash in the coming Promo Pack on Nov. I repeat for those who do not believe me.

3] Misprint Ghibli's in Crow Pack is TRUE. Printed as 4 Stars instead of 3. Buying all of them!

4] I'm getting pissed off with my colleague. Now I know why he got so many complains. New World Record Set in Yugioh Industry!

5] More worth opening Rare cards in Yusei Pack 3 rather than Super/Ultras.

6] ME setting off to other places in Malaysia to organize tournaments by end of year!!! Penang , Kedah , Johor or wherever... Are youuuuu READY???

7] Tomorrow's tournament@Gamers Arena , will Wong Fei Hung's Light Beat top again?

8] Sirocco's and Vayu's price bouncing up again!

9] No new card sleeves for new Duelist Pack yet.. Maybe later?

10] Time to promote tournaments and this poor lonely blog...

Cookie@Gamers Arena.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recent Highlights #1

Recent Highlight + Random Post #1

1] Starlight Road and Effect Veiler reprinted as Rare in DP10.

2] No Sirocco's and Vayu reprint.

3] All 4 Pre-Selections for Asia Championship Plus Top 8 Team Tourney is finally over. Grats to the winning team and thanks for the support.

4] Wong Fei Hung (Malaysian Duelist) keeps topping tourney after the new format begins with his Light Beat. He is now currently beaten once.

5] Snowman Eater along with some other JFC exclusives will be reprinted in the coming Promo Pack.

6] 4 more hours before off work but I'm already very sleepy now.

7] Last tourney, everyone is eager to get their TP15's and ripped it off in hopes of Pashuul.

8] A lot of players trying their luck on DREV's in hopes of Pot of Greedorisity popping out.

9] Everyone is starting to get excited on Lanista , but was dissapointed in the end. High hopes , high dissapointment.

10] Upcoming V-Jump edition seems promising.

Cookie@Gamers Arena.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Poor Snowman Doesn't Eats!


Snowman doesn't eats!
It's the thing under it that eats it!
Poor Snowman!!!!

And so , the main point im posting this is not crapping about Snowman.
But , I'm actually bored during work and I just found out that a lot players now main it after sorting out yesterday's team tourney's player's decklist.

I am now officially enrolled in Gamers Arena Sungai Wang given the duty in managing all events including big and small ones.
Organizing big events like Asia Qualifiers is definitely a challenge.
But still... the end of my dueling path?
I think I'll write a post about it if someone out there won't bother wasting time reading about it.

I think I should get back to work instead of slacking writing a random stupid post.
But let's get back to something that is related to my title...

Snowman Eater.
Will be reprinted very soon...

Believe it or not?

- Cookie -