Saturday, October 23, 2010

Recent Highlights #3

Recent Highlights + Random Post #3

Busy life plus emo-ness = lack of posts = sorry

1] I can't sleep in the middle of the night and decided to update this. I still have work to do tomorrow.

2] Malaysia Open Championship this 31st October. Halloween Tourney? LOL.
I'm eager to see all of you duelist on that day!

3] 90% on my Kuriboh Monarchs. Why am I still building decks? I don't know either.

4] Judge Program Test on Nov. Good luck to me.

5] I'm sick of buying cards that I don't even use anymore. Really have to quit spending like water.

6] What on earth I am working right now? I can't figure it out yet.

7] I officially hate my colleague right now. OBVIOUSLY , she thinks she is SMARTER than me. Typo for she. So please don't comment on my work where you don't even know how to read and pronounce my name correctly. He can't even differentiate "U" and "N". He needs Basic Maths too.

8] Gateway , Grandmasters going frenzy , people buying them non-stop. My advice , let the dudes test and play it out before you stupidly spend nuts on it.

9] I hate System Down.

10] Managing tournaments , events is not easy. You get different feedbacks. Learn and change.

11] I don't know which way I'm heading. Normal worker/promoter with below-average salary? or Mr. Head Judge with also a below-average salary? or future businessman still with a below-average salary?

12] Top decks in K.L Malaysia - Hero Beat and BlackFeathers , with both of these decks hitting a very high number of percentage of total deck distribution for recent tournaments.

13] Decided to post decklists for top decks like how Shriek did but I don't think I have the time and needs player's permission. Needs more discussing with this.

14] Next year's Asian Championship will be hosted by Malaysia. I hope we won't screw it up. Malaysia Boleh!

15] It has really been a journey for me in Yugioh life for the past half year. What I've been missing for the past month is the joy of dueling. I really miss it.

Need some sleep. Please link me to your blogs pal and I promise to link you back.
More updates toooo.

Praise the Lord!

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