Monday, July 26, 2010


I have been testing with different Machiners build for as long as I'd played.

Instead of the common gadgets with solidarity build.
Or royal decrees.
I played with Geartown variants and it had proven to be quite stable.

But still , too much of dead draws and inconsistency leads me to tweak the build from time to time.
And here should be some of the underused cards I had used and tried for as long as I can remember.

Scrap Recycler.
Mills Fortress when summon for easy Machiner Force/Gadjiltron Dragon revival.
Recycling back 2 Gearframes at times to draw one is kinda fun.

Discarding Fortress/Gadjiltron Dragons to destroy particular monsters is great.
I had killed lots of BF-Armor Masters with it. LOTS of them.

Dark Coffin.
Tornado of the Wastelands.
Double Cyclone.
Malevolent Catastrophes.
Did I mentioned I play Geartowns?

Ally Genex Birdman.
Tune with Gearframe into Black Rose with Geartown/Coffins on field.
Tune with Cyber Dragon into Scrap Dragon.
Target Geartown and target opponent's spell/trap.
Special summon Gadjiltron.

Deep Sea Diva.
For 8 stars synchro.
Stardust or Scrap Dragons.

Quick-Attack Scarecrow.
Better than Battle Fader as it is a Machine.
Drop it with Fortress to special summon Fortress.
Blocks OTK.
Can be recycled by Pot of Avarice.

Machiner Peacekeeper.
Pot of Duality.
Trap Stun.

Main weakness in Geartown variants.
Geartown got miss timing easily.
System down sucks.

I had NEVER play Gadgets and I will NEVER play Gadgets.
I had NEVER lost to Gadgets.

There is never a perfect build.
But there is what we called luck.


Sunday, July 25, 2010


I was normally known as Cookie in various sites and forums for years.
I started Yugioh around Feb this year , the time just before chinese new year.
It has been half a year since I joined , and I had already started to learn a lot.
And since I move out from my hometown ,
I can finally spend more time in dueling and started to know more about other players.

A lot of duelist had started blogging since then.
And back then , I used to view other blogs.
This includes Neuxcharge , DuelingDays and to my surprise , the end of the Gaijin Duelist.
but the return of Only the Duel brings me a lot of inspiration to learn more about dueling.
And also the fellow bloggers , HDLam and LimGQ... helps me to learn about the different meta and conditions in Msia.
There are still a lot to name.
You can easily find them.

And these true bloggers , had really brought inspiration to a lot of new-born yugi-bloggers now.
As you see , including me.

Fame is not what they were seeking for.
What they need to do , is just share a little piece of idea they have to the environment.
Sharing is caring. =)


I was always outgoing.
And was always considered CRAZY in dueling.
Ya , even in tournaments with LOTS of pressure around.
I love it.

But what really brought me to this level is all about respect.
People will respect you if you respect others.
Everyone was a newb once.
But who cares.

Different people have different attitudes and personalities.
So expect to see different things around.
Why care about others?

And actually , my title says it all.


Let's get back to it.

Being new in a card game was really tiring.
Especially when the card game was like 5 years+ old.
And with the rulings.
I would really rather play Pokemon.

Getting back to real life.

Fun playing with Soliel and Karl today.
A bit bored with my Machiners.
I had been playing with it like when i started?

I need MORE casual decks!!!!
Which means more spending. = (

But I will still stick with my Machiners in competitive dueling/tournaments etc.

Tried to use Sol's Dragunity/Cyberdark deck.
But i was too lazy to read on the new cards.
And so I pass it to Karl which he had a lot of interest in playing it.
Lots of options.
I can feel the fun just by watching it.

And since finally I have internet access at my workplace.
I can finally settle down and do my 'reading'.

And I do not need to wonder what my opponent is doing or asking the effect of a card.

Playing with different players can really help you.
Experience is important.

Learn to use cards , thinking for combos.
Read cards , hand advantages.
This is not only about a simple card game.


Hmm , and this would be my final post with lots of random rants about my life.
Would be updating daily with random ideas and thoughts about Yugioh.
Rather write about my life in my personal blog.

Who wants to know about my activities when they were busy with theirs?
But still.

Tourney reports maybe.

Links to other worth reading blogs too.

Do not hesitate to find me in locals.
I would be friendly enough to duel you.

Till then.

- Cookie -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Froggy Monarchs #3

Let's start with a random decklist.

Micheal Yap Wei Keong
2010 Malaysia National Champion
World Qualifiers

Main Deck : 41

Monsters : 23

3 x Swap Frog
3 x Dupe Frog
2 x Treeborn Frog
2 x Ronintoadin
2 x Substitoad
2 x Flip Flog Frog
2 x Mobius the Frost Monarch
2 x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
2 x Raiza the Storm Monarch
3 x Caius the Shadow Monarch

Spells : 10

3 x Book of Moon
1 x Heavy Storm
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon
1 x Giant Trunade
1 x Brain Control
2 x Pot of Avarice
1 x One for One

Traps : 8

2 x Compulsary Evacuation Device
3 x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
1 x Mind Crush
1 x Mirror Force
1 x Torrential Tribute

Side Deck : 15

3 x Battle Fader
2 x Threatening Roar
3 x System Down

Sorry for the side deck list.
Micheal didn't gave me the full list yet.
Will update it back up very soon.
Finally got his permission to post and LOOK at his deck properly.

Not gonna do reviews/discussions or whatever about it.
I hate frogs.
Going to eat frog porridge later.

Micheal's deck has some changes now.
He removed 2 Compulsary Evacuation Devices and 1 Mobius for
Soul Exchanges and Ruthless Denials.
Hand stripping is gay.

Had been slacking for the whole past week.
Starstrike Blast sucks.

Had been adjusting my deck to kill Frogs lately.
And finally I did it.
Beat Micheal at today's Trishula Tourney.

But i lost to Blackwings.
Score 3-2 in swiss.
Reason I Lost.
STUPID Starlight Roads.
Really gonna strip them apart.

Should i go back to aggressive build or just stick with my control build now.

Spend a lot on cards.
Very stressful and moody day.
Didn't really want to join the tourney.

Should end my post here.
Too much happenings already for the past week.
Before that.

Frog the Stripper Deck!

3 x Spiritual Water Art - Aoi
3 x Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch
3 x Ruthless Denial
1 x Mind Crush
1 x Trap Dustshoot
3 x Drastic Drop Off
3 x Hand Destruction
1 x Card Destruction

Add in Morphing Jar for more fun.


2 turns later.

Opponent : WHAT THE HELL!!!

Fun stuff.

- Cookie -

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


*Laughs at title*

What if suddenly , you finally met the partner of your life...
The person that you finally believe that will bring you happiness...
Or let's just make it simple.
Your girlfriend.

And I believe that this question had sometimes been bothering some duelist out there.
What if your girlfriend doesn't approve you of playing or spending in this weird so-called childish card game?

Girls are unpredictable.
I've met a lot of players since I joined and I have seen a lot.

Some have to quit because their girlfriend hates it.
Some sell all their cards because they need to spend on their girlfriend.
Some of their girls' didn't mind at all.
Some even joined them in playing yugioh!
Some doesn't even bother to find one.

For some , yugioh life was like their another identity.
You separate it from your real life.
Scared of being laughed by you friends of playing a silly card game.
True enough?

But still.
In the heart of all duelist.
Yugioh is not a silly , childish card game.
It requires skill.
It requires LOTS of thinking.
And of course , it requires money.

And so , playing Yugioh is not really a thing that you should hide from.
The reason I'm saying this is because some really did so.
There is no wrong playing card games.
We do spend a lot. I mean real lot.
But it was just the same as how the girls spend on cosmetics.

Being a part of this environment is really something worthwhile.
Who knows what will happen in this game?

This is really a random post.
But at least It's still something related to.

Okay , I'll write something that's really related.

Building a deck revolving Diamond Dude and Ally Genex Crushers.
Oh god , prays that D-Draw will at least got semi-limit.
I love under-used decks.
Net-decking is shit.

And so ,
before I end my post.
One last question ,

Do you have a girlfriend? =X


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Froggy Monarchs #2


Whole day at Sg.Wang on Saturday.
Didn't join locals.
I have a 35 card deck.

Decided to sold off my extra staples and playsets.
I don't think I need them when I decided to only have a deck to play.
Sold all my bottomless , d.prisons cheap.
Kristya playset gone.

Met Hong.
An awesome blogger which can be found here.
Showing him around and discussed about cards prices differences.
He then left to went shopping with his 'friend'.

Trishula Tournament.
FIRST one in K.L?

Participants : 18

Deck Distribution.

4 Blackwings.
2 Machiners.
2 Dandywarrior.
3 Froggy Monarch.
1 Gladiator Beast.
2 Lightlords.
1 Koaki Meiru
1 Scrap
2 Dragons.

Courtesy of Cookie.

Awesome varieties of deck.
Froggy Monarch won.

Common players / bloggers / forumers spotted on the venue.

Micheal , Karl , Zack.
Dragonlord , WeiXuan , TeckJen.
Uncle Ken , Team Arcobaleno Sun Tat , Andrew.

Dragonlord is not taking photos on the day.

Froggy Monarchs.
Different variants.
Sun Tat's build.
Battle Fader.
Soul Exchange.

Andrew's build.
Light and Darkness Dragon.
Dark Dust Spirit.
Battle Fader.

Micheal's build.
None of the above cards.

Mirror Match between Micheal and Sun Tat.
Love it.
Frog biting frogs.
Soul Exchange proves useful.

I scrubbed badly to Froggy Monarchs.
Kept meeting them.

The guy who won with Froggy Monarch that day.
His hand was shaking like there's an earthquake around during the finals.

Dragunity was starting to rise in play now.
What will happen to the meta now?

Question of the day.
How to counter Frog Monarchs?

" Outgame it la! "

Talk is easy.
Try it.

Need to rest.
Analysis on Froggy Monarch variants soon.

Winner of the Most Creative Deck for the day.

Geartown + Dark Coffin + Wasteland of Tornados
with Malevolent Catastrophes.

Clearing my cards soon.

Who doesn't want money?

Bought a playmat!
Another great friend and duelist has left us.
He sold me his playmat and I promise to bring it to the top.
You will be remembered , Wui Chun aka Ah Kei.

Stay tuned for a special post for tomorrow.
A fact or question that have in the heart of every duelist.

- Cookie -

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Froggy Monarchs

Decided to travel to Sg.Wang after finishing stuffs despite of boredom.
Didn't really expect anyone there.

Met Micheal , The National Champion there.
Oh well , he keep saying "I'm Champion leh"
Lol , he sure is happy.
He also complained on the "ojisan" joke. Ahaha.
Went for lunch with Paul and Micheal.
Paul stated there is a Tag Team Tournament soon in Malaysia.
Wow. Asian Championship next year to be held in Malaysia.
What else?
My meal was delicous!

Karl arrived.
Watched Karl's (Dandywarrior) dueling Micheal's Froggy Monarch.
The only chance Karl manage to deliver damage was using Drill Warrior.
Or he don't even can , when Micheal build the Great Wall of Dupe Frogs.
Or either OTK , at a chance.

The same applys to me.
It was hard trying to clear the field while he keep controlling my hand with cards like Spiritual Water Art - Aoi , and Mind Crush.

Key card?
Swap Frog.
Starts the frog milling combo.
And returning monarchs for reusing.

Frogs are irritating enough.
Spiritual Water Art - Aoi?

There are times I was left with one hand card against his 7 hand cards.
My best moment for the day.

Managed to clear his Dupe Froggies.
Activate effect. WHAT?
Search for MORE frogs.

Side deck.
D.D Crow is useless against it.
He can either use Treeborns or Ronintoads.
Soul Release serves a better purpose.
Dimensional Fissure?
King Tiger Wanghu!?

No Soul Exchange seen in Micheal's deck.
No Dark Dust Spirit.
No Battle Faders.
Looking forward to Froggy Monarch's Mirror Matches.
1 hour per game?

Interesting meta since I join.

What to side now?

More interesting stuffs.

BF players siding Fissure to take care of Holy Lights.
Enough of System Downs , now there is Magnetic Mosquito for Machiners.
Oh my god , where is my Crevices?

Boring day.
Time to look for work.
Any recommendation?
Life is all about working.

Thanks to Micheal for fetching me home.
Nice guy if you ever know him.
I bet.

Time to sign off.
Before that.

Recent favorite side deck :
Return from the Different Dimension.
System Down? AHA!
Just for fun.