Monday, March 25, 2013

Moments of Truth and Lies.

I'll start off with this :

Yugioh Asia Championship Qualifiers Malaysia 2013 [ACQ]
[Deck Distribution]

FireFist - 21
Incarnate Dragons - 16
Mermail - 13
VerZ [EvilSwarm] - 13
Prophecy - 13
Six Samurai - 9
Dark Worlds - 8
Chaos Dragon - 8
Constellars - 7
Hero Beat - 6
Machiners - 4
Ninja Dragons - 3
Hieractics - 2
QuickDraw - 2
Phantom Beast - 2
Agent Angels - 2
Others / Rogue Decks - 21
( Lightlord , BF , Infernities , Inzektors , etc)

Total Participants : 150 (Seeded players included)

What I can say in Malaysian meta is never side too heavily against meta decks and never think from what you see in other countries. In Malaysia , especially with this elimination format , rogue decks are literally everywhere you can see.
You live in this country and you learn how to play against it.

Apparently , I laughed at how i update this blog once a year but it seems interesting though.

After this event , regardless of what had already happened , I have finally reach my limit of endurance and all the time I have put and I just realised that it would never be appreciated.

Because why? I have my own pride. I do not need someone to give me a title to brag about it. I do not need to be proud of something that me myself couldn't get a hold of it. I do not need to seek attention so much. I do not need to lick someone's boots. I do not beg for a win nor do I overcome myself with it. I do not need that fame. I'm sick of all this.

Too much lies and too little trust. Or is it what we call politics?

4 Asia's , 3 Worlds , 3 Asia Plus , 2 Top Stores , 6 Opens.

It has been a pleasant journey.  I wish things had been better. I wish things would be better.
And again , I wish everyone the best in future events.

I've seen happiness , I've seen tears , I've seen anger , I've seen frustrations , I've seen conspiracies , I've seen miracles , I've seen everything that could possibly happened.

Goodbye everyone. Thank you for the memories.