Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is Never Easy.

And so , everyone is getting crazy over Six Samurai JUST by looking at their effects...

So it's a busy day.
STOR arrived. I pulled the first booster box out of the box when it arrives signifiying the starting era of Six Samurais.

But here comes the important part. My phone starts ringing non-stop with messages and phone calls when I'm busy with the new boxes selling (the shop is already crowded) and packaging.
Every call/message is almost the same.

"Brother , Can help me find Kizan? Brother eh brother "

I'm now a little regret using the word brother with them at the first place.
So everyone watched Wong Fei Hung pulled the first Kizan of the day.

End up , I have to find 10+ Kizans for my "brothers". At a low price. Which is harder than selling vegetables at Gamers Arena.

Hmmm , but maybe...

(Kid walks into Gamers Arena)

Kid : Gor Gor , I want buy the three Polar GODS!!! Odin , Thor and Loki! They're so cool man!
Me : Sure. Why don't you buy a box? It's more worth.
Kid : Okay.
(Some strippings later)
Kid : WTH is this? *points at Kizan*
Me : Rubbish.
Kid : DAM!!!
Me : How bout I trade you polar stuffs for it , I'm being kind today. =)
Kid : Thanks!!!
Me : Welcome.

[The above dialog happens before involving Pot of Duality =X ]

Life is never easy.
I pick up orders non-stop while my 'extraordinary hardworking when Paul is around' colleague acts busy and bossy , instructing me to do things.

No wonder business so bad , this guy doesn't even know how to promote. I wonder how he survive. He has a very unique way in ordering food. Anyhow point at one and just eat whatever that arrives. Epic.

Opinions in Six Sams?
What the hell everyone is blogging about it?

Six sam is gonna die.
Either you hate them or join them.

I'm creating a ANTI-SIX SAM group soon.
Anyone interested to join?
You know why?
Because I don't want to walk around trying to snatch Kizans from kids with other peoples!
Believe me.
Six Sams will die.
I mean DIE.

Here comes another call.
Life really is never easy.



  1. =Combo 3=
    2X Gateway |or| Gateway + Residence of the 6 + 6 Samurai United


    Shinai |or| Mizuho

    activate required magic card

    summon Shinai/Mizuho (4 counter)

    remove counter to search for Shinai/Mizuho
    if summon Shinai then search Mizuho
    if summon Mizuho then search Shinai

    repeat steps till you have 1X Shinai and 2X Mizuho on field and 4 counter on field

    Mizuho-A release another Mizuho-B to destroy 1 card

    Remove counter to pull Mizuho-B from graveyard, then special summon (4 counter)

    Mizuho-B effect resets so release Mizuho-A to destroy 1 card

    remove counter pull Mizuho-A from graveyard, then special summon (4 counter)

    Mizuho-A effect resets so release Mizuho-B to destroy 1 card

    repeat steps (as long as Shinai is on the field, can keep special summoning Mizuho from hand) till opponents field is clear, then perform combo 1 and 2 for a safe and assured victory.

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