Friday, November 9, 2012

A Setback - Asia Plus 2012

Having missing myself from the scene for almost half a year and selling most of my cards , I thought I'm gonna get the hook off TCG's for some time.
Having moving on with life , you sometimes found that you was like missing something important inside you. Things you have been doing for all these years...

Prolly helping around and organizing and already get used to it for the past 2 years , I've been scheduling and helping in organizing major YGO tournaments and events in Msia. Either I'm still working under the official shop or not , it was like already a task for me.. ( pretty seems the organizer could only trust me into it)

Majority players has know me by my frequent appreance in large scale events , alot has contacted me and wondering my missing through this few months , and my decision to continue my tasks tomorrow in the Asia Plus maybe doesnt bring any surprise after all.

I have been wondering and trying to view into Malaysia's metagame again and seriously the game is much more balanced in this banlist but the player's pool is definitely not convincing.

Moving on into all the new decks has developed as well.

To be honest , I've never been really recognized or claimed as an organizer or one of the judge panels through this years. All I know is I'm a guy who helps and mainly configures all the things in these large scale tourneys alone. All the time , Malaysia's tourney standard has been ruled as poor and unfair before my start in this tasks.

The only thing I just want to do is bringing these large scale tournaments to a better level and a more consistent one. I'll try to start off with later's Asia Plus Tournament and hopefully I can record stuffs , post decklists , video for the semi or finals and etc cause I think I can have the access for everything.

Not many will read this , but this is just a vow of myself to bring a better dueling community to all players around Malaysia.


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  1. no worries, to many (myself included), you are the best judge our country has ever had.